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Notes of the world

Welcome to our web listing of world banknotes and paper money.

We are specialists in banknotes from Australia and Asia, based in France. We are constantly adding paper money from many other nations.

We have recently added several rare notes from Latin America, including from The Dominican Republic:

Dominican Rep 1 peso 1984 Pick126S Dominican Rep 1000 pesos 1984

Recent updates
We have recently added banknotes from many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Our Oceania, Europe, Africa and China pages are now virtually complete. More coming soon.

Banknotes for sale
To view our current stock, click the region button at the left of this screen. We have listed our stock according to world regions - Africa, the Americas, Asia A to J, Asia K to Z, Australia, China, Europe A to J, Europe K to Z, the Middle East, and finally New Zealand and Oceania.

We are pleased to offer a range of world paper money, from inexpensive notes for young collectors to rare items for the serious numismatic investor.

We are still uploading images of our many thousands of banknotes, so please check here regularly. We will answer questions promptly by email.

Buying and exchanging
We are also keen to buy and exchange world banknotes. If you have items to offer, please send a list to us by email. We will then send you our list of about 50 notes.

Our banknote gradings
Our gradings are conservative. Our crisp flat uncirculated banknotes are genuinely flawless. With lesser grades, any detracting features are described. Click here for a detailed explanation of our grading and abbreviations.

Quality guarantee and return privilege
We guarantee all items are genuine and as described. Any purchased item not completely satisfactory for any reason may be returned within 7 days for a full refund.

We guarantee to safeguard all information received. We will never pass on email addresses or other information to any other party. We take every precaution to secure all files and maintain commercial confidentiality.

Contact us

How to order
Send an email to to check items are in stock. We will confirm availability by return email and advise you of the postage and handling charges, if applicable. You may then pay by direct deposit, money order, cheque (personal or bank) or PayPal. Direct deposit is usually fastest and cheapest.

Postage and handling charges
We have priced our items to exclude excessive margins for postage and packaging, so we usually do require additional costs to be met by purchasers. (Cheaper for you in the long run.)
For orders below US$400 please add US$5 for packaging and registered mail. For orders US$400 and above please add US$9 for the additional insurance charges.
These charges may be reduced, or waived altogether, if paying by direct deposit and/or if your order comprises multiple items and/or for repeat orders.

Currency exchange
Prices on this site are in US dollars.
To convert from US dollar prices to other currencies, please apply the current daily exchange rate.

We endeavour to update this site daily.

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