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Our banknote gradings

Our gradings are generally conservative. Our crisp flat uncirculated notes are genuinely flawless uncirculated. Any flaws or detracting features are accurately described. The following explains our grading and abbreviations.

Grade Abbreviation Detailed explanation
Poor Poor Discoloured, usually torn or with pinholes or pieces missing. No longer attractive and only just collectable.
Good Good Mostly intact but with substantial wear and soiling and some visible damage such as pin holes, tears or pen marks. Just collectable.
Very good VG Discoloured, possibly stained and well creased from substantial circulation but completely intact. Usually the lowest grade for serious collectors and investors.
Fine F Some light discoloration or staining, significant creasing from circulation but completely intact. Looks to be in sound collectable condition. Often the best grade available for rare notes.
Very fine VF Light creasing from some circulation but no other detracting stains, marks, heavy folds or paper damage. Will appear reasonably crisp and new and hence highly collectable.
Extremely fine EF Close to uncirculated, but probably taken out of circulation after some limited handling. Will show a few very light folds or corner creases but no other destracting flaws. Highly attractive.
About uncirculated aUnc Barely used in circulation, if ever. Just the lightest fold or crease or teller flick or foxing reducing the grade from uncirculated. Often the highest grade available in very early paper notes.
Uncirculated Unc or Ufold Never used in circulation. But may show a light teller flick mark or a light centre bend from handling at the bank. Old notes may have light foxing or discoloration, which is normal for most paper used in banknote production. May also show light edge burring from being bundled with high pressure strapping by the mint or by rubber bands at the bank. Ufold indicates a flawless note apart from the centre bend.
Crisp flat uncirculated CFU The highest grade for any banknote. No wear whatsoever, no handling marks, no folds or bends, full original colour, body and crispness.
about a Denotes not quite, but almost. For example, aEF is significantly better than VF but not quite EF.
good g Denotes better than. For example, gEF is better than EF but not quite aUnc.